Perfectly Pink Quilt for Pink Tink

I have finally completed my very first quilt! Pink Tink fell in love with a 1920’s reproduction quilt that was hanging on the wall at the quilt shop in the small town that my parent live outside of in Wisconsin. I love this quilt shop, Patches and Petals, which was recently featured as a top 10 quilt shop in a magazine. The ladies are so wonderful and helpful in there and we make sure to stop in each time we are visiting.

I used the 1920’s reproduction line from Moda fabric. They are absolutely adorable and I love all the colors with cute little scenes on them. PinkTink picked out each fabric with our help and was insistant on a pink background. I the simple pattern that was featured in the quilt that they had made up with a few changes. My mom helped me to cut all the fabrics and I pieced them together. She attached the borders for me as well.

As I said before, this is my very first quilt and overall I am so happy with it. I did an all-over free motion, which my mom thought was crazy for a first timer.


I had to play with the tension alot as my thread kept breaking and breaking and breaking. I swear it broke every 2 minutes. I tried everything that would cause it, too tight of tension, to loose, bent needle, going to fast, going to slow…well…. I finally figured it out after giving up and coming back to it every few days. My machine seems to be very picky with thread and I was using a variagated Sulky thread and my machine DOES NOT like it, as soon as I switched back to the Guitterman, it was smooth sailing.


I really didnt know what to do with the border design. I ended up free-motioning a squgilly design that I really didnt care for but didn’t want to rip it out. My mom swore to me that nobody would notice and if the did they were being to critical of a first timer and they were to close. I would have to agree. In the end I think it came out fine.


I really love the finished overall quilt. PinkTink received it for her birthday along with a matching quilt for Emily, her most beloved American Girl, as well as matching curtains.


PinkTink made my day when she said, “Mommy, do you know why I love my quilt? It has lots of love it in.” That just melted my heart and made every late night and choice words and 309 broken threads so worth it!