DIY Puffy Paint with math, science and art too!

My kids love to paint, however they go through it so fast that I can’t keep the supply up. I found a great DIY paint recipe on pinterest that was lots of fun and different at Get Your Mess On.

The recipe is very simple, however you need ALOT of salt. I found that you can fill 2 of the condiment bottles that I found at JoAnn’s with the recipe as written.

Puffy Paint
1 c. salt
1 c. flour
1 c. water
Food Coloring or Tempura Paint
Mix together (I used a hand mixer as it can get very clumpy) and add the coloring to your desired color.


This was a great way to incorporate science, math and art all into one lesson by the way! For math we measured all the ingredients and graphed the drops needed of food coloring to make each color, for science PinkTink predicted how much we would need of each color and for art we discussed primary and secondary colors.


PinkTink was more interested in just getting the paint made and painting. It comes out very sandy and thick, however the pink and purple became very watery once we got it to the color PinkTink wanted.


By the way, this paint DOES NOT spread with a paint brush, you have to use a squeeze bottle.

PinkTink made pumpkins and rainbows.

I also added in some math problems which she thought was a funny way to do her addition problems, which I will try absolutely anything to get her to do addition. Math facts are most definetly not her most favorite part of the day!

And here are Pink’s finished art projects. I would recommend putting paper towels beneath your drying art work, as it dries it will leak water out the back of the paper and dry to a hard paint.