About Me

Introducing our family! I let the kids all pick out their names and they were interesting to say the least!
So without further ado, I introduce to you….
Rosetta Rosebud is 11 years old going on 18. She just started junior high and is in 6th grade. She is really enjoying it. She loves black and purple high top shoes (ummm…. since when did they come back in style???), her American girl dolls, entertaining her younger siblings (or I pretend that she does!) and shopping (who doesnt?) She is now 4 1/2 inches taller than me.

Rosetta Rosebud

Next up, we have Silver Mist! She is in 3rd grade and 8. She is a very bright student who loves to write, doing anything outdoors or on a computer. She adores her coloring books and hopes and wishes for any type of MP3 player for Christmas!

Silver Mist

Third, we have our superhero, ThunderFire Man! He says first you have thunder then I make the fire man! ThunderFire Man is 7 and just started 2nd grade. He is boy to the core, loves wrestling, xbox, wii and playing outside. He is part of the Bonnie & Clyde duo in our house.

Thunder Fire Man

Finally, we have PinkTink.  She is 5 and in 1st grade. She is currently homeschooled. PinkTink loves all things pink, princessesy and girly. You will often find her dancing and singing as I dont think she knows how to walk and talk without signing. She is the 2nd half of the Bonnie & Clyde duo.


So there you have it! Our clan of 4!


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