Our Homeschool Room

It’s that time of year again when everyone is asking, “What curriculum do you use?” “How do you organize it all?” “Do you do school at the table or do you have a room?” Well here is what we do!

Multi-view school room

We worked most of the summer getting our school room ready. The past 2 years it has been a dual purpose room for Pink & I. Half schoolroom, half sewing room. It was just getting way to crowded in there! So we decided with Silver coming home this year that we would need to dedicate the whole room to school and so a revamp was in order. I spent several weekends cleaning out closets, getting rid of entire garbage containers worth of old papers, donating curriculum and organizing. Finally in the end, I think we nailed it! I am so happy with what we have, so without further ado, here is our Homeschool Room!

School Room Entry P

This picture is looking into the room from the hallway. We have a walk-out basement with a great view of the watershed creek in our backyard that is wonderful to look at during the day! On the left is Silver’s desk that we got from Shopko with her workbox on top (I will do a post on that later), her pencil box and a lamp. On the right is the same set up for Pink (I made her desk), except she has way more of her “special” stuff on it as she would say. I dare not touch it! Above Pink’s desk is where I keep all the cardstock and colored printing paper that the kids are not allowed to touch! They are organized by color in scrapbook paper holders.  On the left of the paper is our bin that holds all of our paint supplies such as brushes, dishes and the paint itself. The kids have to ask to get it down and that is fine with me! I sit at the table (which used to be our kitchen table) and the girls do end up sitting most of the day at this table as well.

School Room Whiteboard Wall P To the left of Silver’s desk is our whiteboard wall. We bought a smartboard from the local university and it ended up being much cheaper than a whiteboard from the store this size and it is so cool! We also have our calendar board which has our reading schedules for the classes we take at coop, important dates and Pink’s WriteShop writing pad for guided writing. Below is our World Geography map. Below the whiteboard is our descriptive words, contractions and shapes posters.

School Room Bulletin Wall P

This wall corner is to the right of Pink’s desk. It is a wall with a large closet and about a 4 foot wall space. It holds our bulletin boards for our Human Anatomy science and Pinks science. In the corner is our Language arts area with a whiteboard with the All About Spelling & Reading tiles. Above and below are posters on good writing skills. To the right of the LA area is our eraseable world/US map and a large map of the United States which we reference a ton!

Map wallHere is another view of the map wall.


This corner of the room gets a lot of use. I might need to go to printers anonymous, I have kept the paper recycling business not to mention the ink business booming! The stand holding the printer holds all of our paper products, construction paper, spelling/writing paper, printer paper and ink. It works well here as nobody really has to interrupt anyone to get to it.

School Room Bookshelves PIn the hallway right outside the school room are 2 huge bookcases. These are awesome! I absolutely love them! They hold ALL of our curriculum and keeps them right where I can see what we have. One bookcase is strictly for homeschool items and the other is for all the other books and stuff.

School Room Bookshelf Close Up PHere is how I organize all the girls stuff. This is everything that we will use this year. The top shelf holds all of my teachers manuals, extra map work, copy work and things I will need to reference throughout the year. The middle shelf holds all of Silvers books for the year broken down by subject. At the end is the Sonlight Core IG for me to easily grab. Everything is right where I can grab it and I don’t have to go looking for which book is where. The readers & read-alouds are in order of how they will be read thru the year. Silver can easily pull the bin and grab the book on top. It also helps when I am pulling books to put into their workboxes each night. The bottom shelf is Pink’s shelf and everyones Bible work.

So there you have it! Our school area. It is working out well. We still do work at the kitchen table and end up doing most of our reading on the couch, but it is really nice to have a defined area to keep everything organized and the rest of the house as a house. We have been very blessed to be able to have this area.

I have linked up to the Not Back-to-School School Room Blog Hop.



4 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Room

  1. You win the organized award! Please tell me your room doesn’t stay this neat during the school year, tell me that- even if it’s a lie. Just kidding. I love it. I am super envious over that smart board! What a treat! There is no doubt there is learning going on here!

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