Fleece Ruffle Pants Tutorial


Well, its beginning to get chillier day by day. The girls both need warmer pants and JoAnn’s had a ton of fleece in the remnants bin and I grabbed just about all they had, so I decided to make them several pairs of fleece pants.

They are very easy to make and I never make them with a pattern.

Here is what you will need: (My girls are a size 7/8 and I only needed a yard)

  • Fleece
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pair of well fitting pants
  • Fabric marker/pen
  • Sewing Machine
  • Elastic for waistband

First, take your fleece and fold it so that the selvedges meet in the middle.

Take your pair of pants and turn them inside out, pull the seam allowances out and the crotch to a point. Put them along the fold line and trace a line around, don’t forget to add your seam allowances. Cut along your traced seam allowance line.

Take you new cut out pants and flip it to the other side on the fold and cut out your other half.

After cutting you should have 2 legs that look like this.

Pin, right sides together, along the crotch line and sew along the crotch lines only. You can serge or zigzag finish the seam as well.

Open up the pants and match up the legs, pin and sew up from the bottom of one leg, up to the crotch and back down the other leg. Finish with a seger or zigzag.

At this time I like to finish off the waist band. Fold over the waist, pin and stitch leaving a small opening for the elastic.

Measure your childs waist, add 1 inch and cut your elastic. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and thread it through the opening of your waistband. Overlap the ends and zigzag them together. Sew the opening closed.

Next, you can either finish off the pant legs with a hem or adding ruffles. I just serged the edged and the made my ruffles.

To make the ruffles, take the fleece and fold in half selvedge to selvedge. Cut a strip 4 inches wide. Finish the edges with a zig zag or rolled hem, I just serged mine. Sew the short ends together to make a tube. Run a long basting stitch approx 1.5 inches from the top edge of the ruffle and gather to fit your pant leg.

Pin to your pant leg approx 2-3 inches above the edge of the leg on TOP of the leg. Pin and sew close to your gathering stitch without going over it.

Remove your gathering stitch and viola! A cute, comfy and snuggly pair of warm winter pants to curl up in. Now I think I want a pair and some peppermint mocha!


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