A pond of a thousand toads

Last week PinkTink and I ventrued out the nature center at Pioneers Park. It is an absolutely beautful park with lots of open spaces, buffalo, a nature learning center, native priarie grasses and a great wilderness refuge area with a walking path. PinkTink has been finishing up her Amanada Bennett unit study on Autumn Treasures and various apple units. I LOVE Amanada Bennet Unit studies. They are great one week units on various different themes. You can check out Autum Treasures here.

We packed our bags and off to the nature center we went!

PinkTink at Pioneers Park Nature Center


The Scarecrow that greeted us at the Visitors Center.



I found these wonderful nature scavenger hunt and leaf identification sheets at www.forestry.gov.uk/westonbirt-families and www.naturedetectives.org.uk. They also have awesome season booklets with lots of fun educational activites for children.


PinkTink was so excited to find the first item on her list, mushrooms!





Next, week saw the Turkey Hawks and Bald Eagles.




As we walked along the long wooded path, we came across a large pond. We were able to walk up to the edge and saw on a long brach two large turles sunbathing and little green dots along the shoreline and in the water.



PinkTink is a huge lover of frogs, so imagine her extreme giddiness in seeing a toad….



and more toads…..



and even more toads. There were hundereds of toads in this ponds. More toads than I have ever seen in my life.

All the little green dots in the picutre below are toads.

PinkTink was totally beside herself and stated “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!” (If you knew PinkTink, every day her best day ever!)



We ventured on and found most of the things on our scavenger hunt, red oak, maple, butterflies, cocoons, a bridge and packed all our goodies into our manilla envelope to identify when we got home.

Our last stop on our walk was this old school house.



All in all, it was a wonderful day and PinkTink decided she wants to go back next week 🙂


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