DIY Puffy Paint with math, science and art too!

My kids love to paint, however they go through it so fast that I can’t keep the supply up. I found a great DIY paint recipe on pinterest that was lots of fun and different at Get Your Mess On.

The recipe is very simple, however you need ALOT of salt. I found that you can fill 2 of the condiment bottles that I found at JoAnn’s with the recipe as written.

Puffy Paint
1 c. salt
1 c. flour
1 c. water
Food Coloring or Tempura Paint
Mix together (I used a hand mixer as it can get very clumpy) and add the coloring to your desired color.


This was a great way to incorporate science, math and art all into one lesson by the way! For math we measured all the ingredients and graphed the drops needed of food coloring to make each color, for science PinkTink predicted how much we would need of each color and for art we discussed primary and secondary colors.


PinkTink was more interested in just getting the paint made and painting. It comes out very sandy and thick, however the pink and purple became very watery once we got it to the color PinkTink wanted.


By the way, this paint DOES NOT spread with a paint brush, you have to use a squeeze bottle.

PinkTink made pumpkins and rainbows.

I also added in some math problems which she thought was a funny way to do her addition problems, which I will try absolutely anything to get her to do addition. Math facts are most definetly not her most favorite part of the day!

And here are Pink’s finished art projects. I would recommend putting paper towels beneath your drying art work, as it dries it will leak water out the back of the paper and dry to a hard paint.


Pink & Grey Knit Ottobre Dress

I absolutely LOVE Ottobre Magazine and their patterns! When I ordered my very first magazine from Banberry Place– who by the way has a great selection of Ottobre patterns and magazines, I was extremely overwhelmed by the pattern sheets that were nothing but lines and lines and lines. However, they are rather easy to use once you get the hang of them.

PinkTink needed some new dresses, as she has grown out of most of the ones from last fall, so I spent a day whipping up a few variations of the Ottobre Summer 3/2012 Jungle Stripes dress.


It is made of a very soft and super comfy grey and pink jersey knit from Banberry Place as well. Oh! How I love the great knits that they carry. You should check them out! I made a few different variations of the dress. On this one, I added a sash tie at the waist for some more definition and ruffles at the bottom as PinkTink demands that every.single.item have ruffles on it.


Overall, I am very pleased with how it came out, it was very simple to put together. I did not add the pockets and omitted the pleats at the neckband as the elastic would gather it nicely. It has become a staple in the girls closet and gets alot of wear already.


Perfectly Pink Quilt for Pink Tink

I have finally completed my very first quilt! Pink Tink fell in love with a 1920’s reproduction quilt that was hanging on the wall at the quilt shop in the small town that my parent live outside of in Wisconsin. I love this quilt shop, Patches and Petals, which was recently featured as a top 10 quilt shop in a magazine. The ladies are so wonderful and helpful in there and we make sure to stop in each time we are visiting.

I used the 1920’s reproduction line from Moda fabric. They are absolutely adorable and I love all the colors with cute little scenes on them. PinkTink picked out each fabric with our help and was insistant on a pink background. I the simple pattern that was featured in the quilt that they had made up with a few changes. My mom helped me to cut all the fabrics and I pieced them together. She attached the borders for me as well.

As I said before, this is my very first quilt and overall I am so happy with it. I did an all-over free motion, which my mom thought was crazy for a first timer.


I had to play with the tension alot as my thread kept breaking and breaking and breaking. I swear it broke every 2 minutes. I tried everything that would cause it, too tight of tension, to loose, bent needle, going to fast, going to slow…well…. I finally figured it out after giving up and coming back to it every few days. My machine seems to be very picky with thread and I was using a variagated Sulky thread and my machine DOES NOT like it, as soon as I switched back to the Guitterman, it was smooth sailing.


I really didnt know what to do with the border design. I ended up free-motioning a squgilly design that I really didnt care for but didn’t want to rip it out. My mom swore to me that nobody would notice and if the did they were being to critical of a first timer and they were to close. I would have to agree. In the end I think it came out fine.


I really love the finished overall quilt. PinkTink received it for her birthday along with a matching quilt for Emily, her most beloved American Girl, as well as matching curtains.


PinkTink made my day when she said, “Mommy, do you know why I love my quilt? It has lots of love it in.” That just melted my heart and made every late night and choice words and 309 broken threads so worth it!


Meet Silver Mist, Rosetta Rosebud, Thunder Fire Man & PinkTink!

Introducing our family! I let the kids all pick out their names and they were interesting to say the least!
So without further ado, I introduce to you….
Rosetta Rosebud is 11 years old going on 18. She just started junior high and is in 6th grade. She is really enjoying it. She loves black and purple high top shoes (ummm…. since when did they come back in style???), her American girl dolls, entertaining her younger siblings (or I pretend that she does!) and shopping (who doesnt?) She is now 4 1/2 inches taller than me.

Rosetta Rosebud

Next up, we have Silver Mist! She is in 3rd grade and 8. She is a very bright student who loves to write, doing anything outdoors or on a computer. She adores her coloring books and hopes and wishes for any type of MP3 player for Christmas!

Silver Mist

Third, we have our superhero, ThunderFire Man! He says first you have thunder then I make the fire man! ThunderFire Man is 7 and just started 2nd grade. He is boy to the core, loves wrestling, xbox, wii and playing outside. He is part of the Bonnie & Clyde duo in our house.

Thunder Fire Man

Finally, we have PinkTink.  She is 5 and in 1st grade. She is currently homeschooled. PinkTink loves all things pink, princessesy and girly. You will often find her dancing and singing as I dont think she knows how to walk and talk without signing. She is the 2nd half of the Bonnie & Clyde duo.


So there you have it! Our clan of 4!

A pond of a thousand toads

Last week PinkTink and I ventrued out the nature center at Pioneers Park. It is an absolutely beautful park with lots of open spaces, buffalo, a nature learning center, native priarie grasses and a great wilderness refuge area with a walking path. PinkTink has been finishing up her Amanada Bennett unit study on Autumn Treasures and various apple units. I LOVE Amanada Bennet Unit studies. They are great one week units on various different themes. You can check out Autum Treasures here.

We packed our bags and off to the nature center we went!

PinkTink at Pioneers Park Nature Center


The Scarecrow that greeted us at the Visitors Center.



I found these wonderful nature scavenger hunt and leaf identification sheets at and They also have awesome season booklets with lots of fun educational activites for children.


PinkTink was so excited to find the first item on her list, mushrooms!





Next, week saw the Turkey Hawks and Bald Eagles.




As we walked along the long wooded path, we came across a large pond. We were able to walk up to the edge and saw on a long brach two large turles sunbathing and little green dots along the shoreline and in the water.



PinkTink is a huge lover of frogs, so imagine her extreme giddiness in seeing a toad….



and more toads…..



and even more toads. There were hundereds of toads in this ponds. More toads than I have ever seen in my life.

All the little green dots in the picutre below are toads.

PinkTink was totally beside herself and stated “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!” (If you knew PinkTink, every day her best day ever!)



We ventured on and found most of the things on our scavenger hunt, red oak, maple, butterflies, cocoons, a bridge and packed all our goodies into our manilla envelope to identify when we got home.

Our last stop on our walk was this old school house.



All in all, it was a wonderful day and PinkTink decided she wants to go back next week 🙂

PinkTink a self portrait

 A Self Portrait of PinkTink

What did you say?!?!?! There’s no more cookies & cream icecream left!

And they said i couldnt use this thing to touch my nose….oh I can do it!!!! Oh I’m soooo clooose!!!! Just a little more!

Ok, maybe if I try from the side…..

ok, nevemind, maybe next time. Now its time to change clothes, quick, got more pics to take before mom notices!

YAY! I Did it and didnt get caught! Im an amazing PinkTink Photog!

Mercy Watson you are one funny piggy!

Mercy Watson books are a huge hit in our house.

 Mercy is a pig who thinks he is human and always getting into trouble. Pink Tink is currently reading Mercy Watson Princess In Disguise. There are currently six books in the series and Pink Tink is on #4. They are chapter books that are age appropraiate and not to difficult for a 1st-2nd grader to read with help while still entertaining our 11 year old Rosebud.  I think that she only volunteers to read Pink Tink because she secretly likes Mercy’s adventures.

Loving our Math-U-See

We love MUS at our house. It is such an easy curriculum to follow. Jade loves to use the colorful manipulatives and watching Steve on the DVD. The lesson plans are nicely laid out making it very easy to follow and makes sense that you can teach your child the concepts effectively. We have been moving quickly through the lessons, however they are pretty basic at this point, so I assume that we will be slowing down once we get into more story problems and addition/subtraction.